Dave Portnoy leaked Viral Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Causes Slide in Penn Stocks

Dave Portnoy leaked Viral Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Causes Slide in Penn Stocks

Dave Portnoy leaves Twitter Scandalized after a private video of him treating an unidentified girl, in a different way, goes viral. People are speculating that Dave Portnoy leaked video caused the Slide in the price of Penn national Gaming shares.

  • Founder of Barstool Sports, Dave Portnoy, is trending on Twitter after an inappropriate video of him leaked online
  • People are accusing him of the Steep drop in the shares of “Penn National Gaming” and says that Dave Portnoy’s leaked video sent negative signals for $Penn traders
  • Dave Portnoy held an emergency press conference to address the matter of his leaked video and says Slide in Penn stocks’ proce is a “buying opportunity”

44-year-old David Scott Portnoy is an American internet celebrity, blogger, and founder of the sports and pop culture blog Barstool Sports.

According to many people, the Well-known media personality Dave Portnoy is influential to the Barstool Sports brand he founded, and a racy video of Portnoy is moving shares of a company that owns a big stake in Barstool Sports.

On April 6, 2021, Twitter went into a frenzy after a private video of Dave Portnoy leaked and went viral on Twitter and Reddit.

Many of Dave’s fans are criticizing him for treating a woman in a wild way. However, some female fans are loving his way and see it as “spicy” and wishing to date him.

Many people are accusing the leaked video of Dave Portnoy as the main reason for which “Penn stocks (Penn National Gaming) ” are dropping.

The leaked video shows Dave Portnoy in a compromising position with an identified girl. In the video, Dave can be seen pulling girls’ hairs and xyz…

We will not advise you to watch the video as it is inappropriate for many viewers. However, the video was widely shared on Twitter by many users.

Dave Portnoy Responded to his Viral Video

Portnoy held one of his “emergency press conferences” Tuesday where he discussed a leaked videotape of him and the impact it was having on shares of Penn National Gaming (NASDAQ: PENN).

“Are you kidding me?” Portnoy said, telling people it’s a federal crime to watch or share the video.

This is the third video tape leak, according to Portnoy.

“Wait $penn is dropping cause I have a sx tape? Are you kidding me? Ps – It’s a federal crime to watch or post it. Double Ps – If*k. Who cares,” Portnoy said on Twitter while sharing the video of his press conference.

Watch the video of Portnoy’s press conference, below.

Video: Dave Portnoy speaks over leaked video of his and the impact it was having on shares of Penn National Gaming

Twitter Reacts to Dave Portnoy’s Video Leak

Twitter users were left scandalized after what they saw in David Portnoy’s viral video.

Many people are telling their friends to unfollow Dave because of what was his attitude toward the girl in his viral video.

A Twitter user wrote:

“Disgusting how Dave Portnoy treats the women. Imagine if she was black, he would a*ly rpe her without consent. These people must be stopped and locked away with terrorists. BLM Lets stand together for our freedom.”

While others are reacting with funny memes and trolling Dave Portnoy.

“the one thing you can say about dave portnoy is that he has better stroke game than a$ap rocky,” wrote a Twitter user.

“I am convinced Dave Portnoy is my soulmate after that video,” added one user.

Another user wrote “Dave Portnoy video that just leaked is wild lol…..”

See more reactions, below.

Why It’s Important:

Penn National Gaming stock has been a strong performer since acquiring a stake in Barstool Sports and leveraging the brand and strong following for its online sports betting platform. Investors who bought shares of Penn National Gaming in January 2020 have seen shares go from $33 to a high of $142 in the last year.

Portnoy told viewers the drop today could be a buying opportunity for Penn National shares.

PENN Price Action: Shares of Penn National Gaming are down 5.4% to $101.07 at publication time.

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